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Since 1992 AnnUnicare has been developing a line of portable massage tables and has become one of the largest manufacturer in Canada. Based on a strong commitment to quality, strength and durability AnnUnicare grew along with the massage therapy industry remaining commited to developing consistent, industry-wide testing criteria for portable and physiotherapy massage tables. As an activist for the importance of massage and physiotherapy Pavel Pavlenko actively partnered with the massage community by supporting such organizations as OMTA, CPA, OPA and MT publishing magazine. In 2002 AnnUnicare started to develop medical devices for the elderly and disabled. Today the companies products support everything from Massage school to Physiotherapy Clinic. Its Tables and other equipment are well known and distributed around the world.



Certain Ann Unicare Inc. products are guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship to the original customer. Our warranty is valid with proof of purchase. Different components and products of Ann Unicare Inc. carry different warranty timelines. Please consult the Warranty Guide or contact Customer Service for more details. Ann Unicare Inc., at our choice, may elect to repair or replace any of our products covered by this warranty. This includes the warranty provided by the manufacturers` of the foam (5 years)and the fabric (3 years). Our warranty does not include damages caused by improper set-up, accidents, improper storage, misuse, or tears or cracks in the upholstery. The customer shall be responsible for the proper set-up and use of the product. Under no circumstances is Ann Unicare Inc. liable for any direct or indirect costs or damages. Our warranty is invalid and our liability terminates if modifications or repairs are made to the product without the authorization of Ann Unicare Inc.. Ann Unicare, Inc. reserves the right to inspect claimed defective products. No returns, replacements or repairs may be made without prior written consent. Please do not return any product to Ann Unicare Inc. without first contacting Customer Service for a Return Authorization number. Products returned without a Return Authorization number will be refused back to the customer at their expense. Some replacement parts may vary from those originally supplied and are subject to availability. Customized or discontinued products and options may not be available for replacement. In the event of approved warranty-related returns and exchanges, Ann Unicare Inc. will provide standard return shipping back to our customers within Canada in accordance with the Ann Unicare Inc. Warranty Guide. The customer is responsible for return shipping charges of stationary and lift tables. Custom orders may apply restocking fee. International Customers should consult the Ann Unicare Inc. Warranty Guide since the international warranty may vary from the Canadian warranty. The warranty outlined herein is the sole and exclusive warranty provided by Ann Unicare Inc. There are no other warranties or guarantees provided by Ann Unicare Inc, either expressed or implied, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular use. Incidental or consequential damages are excluded. We do not assume for us any other liability in connection with the sale of our product. If you have a warranty related question or concern, please e-mail us at info@annunicare.com . Please include your invoice, table or chair number to expedite the process. Table invoice numbers are found on the underside of your table. Chair numbers are found on the underside of the arm rest shelf. For all other products, please reference the invoice number found on your invoice.

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Anytime you visit a site on the internet the host server temporarily records certain information about you. The address of your internet service provider (AOL,MSN,etc), which pages you visited, the time of your visit. This information is not requested by us. The server needs the information in order to transmit the pages you wish to view to your computer. We do NOT, however, keep, record, or even look at that information except in the case of credit card fraud. After a time, 30-60 days, your information scrolls off the server and is gone. This will happen at every site you visit on the internet. If you order a product on our site then the information you provide is printed by us and used to process your order. It is only kept for the period of time required by the IRS.

MAILING LISTS AND CUSTOMER INFORMATION Any personal information, including email address, business address and/or telephone number will not be sold or distributed to any outside parties. The information provided is used exclusively by AnnUnicare in order to better serve our customer's needs. To unsubscribe from any Mail or fax list please see the information below.

USE OF THE INFORMATION COLLECTED AnnUnicare uses the information that is collected from users of the site to notify customers of changes, sales and specials via email. At no time will any of this information be distributed to any outside agency for any reason. Information compiled may be used for any lawful, legitimate business purpose of AnnUnicare.

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